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Hi there!

I’m Maria, a Polish illustrator based in Berlin. I specialize in digital illustration focusing on creating sensible geometric compositions within character design and atmospheric environments. 

Throughout my career I had a pleasure to widen my illustration expertise in fields of children's books, illustrations for mobile applications, packaging design and animation, working with agencies and publishers such as IDEO, Troublemakers, Wydawnictwo Zielona Sowa, Skateistan, BSGDV, Schokolade and Oddity Agency for clients such as Mercedes, Sunbites, Lufthansa, dm and Hilti.  

I would love to focus more on illustration dedicated to children. I feel that an audience of the little ones is a great challenge and allows for many creative escapades. That’s why I would be more than happy if you could consider me as an illustrator for possible future collaborations within your publishing house. 

Please take a look at my children related projects below. 

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Thank you

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