Hi there

Hi there!

I'm Maria, an illustrator based in Berlin and a silent fan of your creative work! 

I am truly passionate about illustration and animation and it would be great if you could take a look at my work and consider me for possible freelance collaboration in future projects.  

I've started to freelance as an illustrator in the very beginning of 2016 and since then I've gained couple of great lessons through working with agencies and clients from Germany and abroad. I was involved in various animation projects, being responsible for art direction, style development, storyboarding and illustration for both 2D and 3D animations. On top of that I was engaged in several packaging design and graphic design projects. So far I have worked with Kompost, Oddity, Troublemakers, SchokoladeKevin RoseBunschuh Architekten and Skateistan, for clients such as Mercedes, Bosch, Sunbites, dm and Hilti. 

Thank you for your time and I hope you will enjoy it!


OAK Meditation

Art direction and illustration for an animated short


Recently,  I was working on an Intro animation for yet being developed meditation app called Oak, explaining the basics of meditation for first time users. 

I was thrilled to be responsible for directing the whole video (together with Dominik Grejc), developing style, creating storyboard and illustrating all the environments, characters and assets. Since this piece is fresh out of the oven, not only it is not published yet, but also is missing the logo of the app at the end of the animation. Still, I wanted to share that project with you!

Below you can see the process and the animation.

Storyboard (pass: 0vjpv8)


Color script


Children's Book Pitch

Art direction and illustration



Art direction and illustration for animation


An animation which was a part of "Give Her Five" campaign was created to put the spotlight on impact that Skateistan is having on the lives of girls around the world. “Her Story” is based on the real life of a student in Kabul, Afghanistan, where Skateistan first started in 2007.

I am extremely happy that I could contribute to Skateistan and their awesome initiatives by designing and illustrating this spot. 


DM Lieblinge boxes

Pattern design for packaging project


I had a pleasure to collaborate with Oddity Agency on a packaging design project for dm-drogerie, a chain of German drug stores. I created a series of patterns for limited editions of boxes, which were released on a monthly basis. Each box had it's unique theme, according to which, all the items inside were collected.


Sunbites Pitch

Illustration and character development for a pitch. 


Hilti Animation

Illustrations for animated explainer


Being a part of Kompost production, I was working on an animation about non-profit actions of Hilti Foundation. I was responsible for style development, storyboarding, illustrating backgrounds and character design. 


Personal Projects


Thank you